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1/0-2+2/1 URD AL BRENAU

Code Word
1/0-2+2/1 URD AL BRENAU

Phase Conductor
AWG Size Stranding Insul. Thickness
1/0 19/w 80 mils

AWG Size Stranding Insul. Thickness
2 7/w 60 mils

Single Phase Conductor
Outside Diameter


Weight (lbs/1000ft) Current Rating (Amps)


Direct Burial In Duct
215 160

Standard Packages
Length (feet) Weight (lbs) Reel Size
1,000 409 NRC 36.24

Directly buried or installed in ducts for 600 volt secondary distribution.
Concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 aluminum conductors, crosslinked polyethylene insulation. Insulated conductors surface printed, neutral triple yellow striped. Two phase and one neutral conductor twisted together (LH lay) or parallel if so specified. Black neutrals may be specified if desired.

ASTM B-230, B-231 and ICEA S-66-524
UL Standard 854 for Type USE
Federal Specification JC-30B NEC

  • Cable In Duct (CIC)
  • Abrasion Resistant

Ampacity: 90C conductor temperature, 20C ambient, RHO 90, 100% load factor for three conductor triplex with neutral carrying only unbalanced load. Technical data for cable with solid black neutral is identical to yellow extruded stripe data. All yellow extruded stripe cable is XLP insulation.

To determine correct ampacity by conductor size, please consult The National Electric Code, latest edition.

The above data are approximate and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.


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