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The raw materials that arrive in our industrial plant are manufactured under international standards and specifications.

Besides the approval of the Tests Protocols sent by our suppliers, the materials are subjected to rigorous tests of quality control in our laboratories.

We count on the UL seal in our products.

The Copper
Arrives to our facilities in wire rod form, meeting the standard ASTM B-49, and has as main characteristics its excellent electric conductivity, high ductility and malleability. 

The Aluminum
The same as the copper, it is received in wire rod form in different alloys according to the conductor type to manufacture, 1350-H16, 5005 H-19, or 6201-T4; among their more important properties are their low specific weight or volumetric density and their acceptable electric conductivity. 

The (CPW) Galvanized, Alumoweld (ALW) or Copperweld (CPW) Steel
arrives at our plant in wire form. Depending on the conductor type to be manufactured, they share the same main characteristic in their excellent mechanical performance and their high resistance to the corrosion of the environment.

 PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).
A thermoplastic compound used in our conductors for insulation and for jacket. This raw material is obtained from the mixture of the Polyvinyl Chloride with stabilizer, plasticizer, coloring, lubricant, etc. in different proportions according to the conductor type being manufactured and to the operating temperature.

- High resistance to humidity. 
- High resistance to heat. 
- Great flexibility. 
- High electric resistance. 
- Good resistance to fuels and oils. 
- Extraordinary resistance to fungus and corrosion. 

 PE (Polyethylene).
A thermoplastic compound used in our conductors for insulation and for jacketing. Depending of the conductor type to be manufactured, this raw material can have diverse operating temperatures, 75ºC (for LLPE) or 90ºC (for XLPE).

- Extraordinarily high electric resistance. 
- Lower specific weight, <1 gr /cm3. 
- Excellent U.V. protection in black colored cables.
- Great resistance to impact and abrasion. 
- High resistance to humidity. 
- Excellent mechanical properties.


Another material used in the manufacturing of electrical conductors, although only as a jacket.

- Excellent resistance to abrasion. 
- Excellent resistance to most industrial solvents and chemical products. 
- Excellent resistance to fuels, oils and hydrocarbon greases. 
- Low specific weight.

The type of cable to be used in a certain application depends essentially on the conditions of the installation.

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